Dilek Peninsula National Park

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Dilek Peninsula National Park, which is among the most important natural heritages of Turkey, is located on the south of Kusadasi near the province of Aydin in the Aegean region of Turkey. The peninsula was declared as a national park in 1966.

Dilek National Park

The national park covering 10.985 hectares area at Dilek Peninsula is situated 35 km south of Kusadasi. This mountainous land is divided with canyons and valleys.

Including sandy, pebbled, horizontal and high coastal formations as well as such canyons and valleys, Dilek Peninsula embraces natural wonders, historical and cultural values. Besides its interesting geological and geomorphologic formation, the national park has rare Mediterranean flora, underwater richness, birds of prey and wild animals. Because of its unique diversity of plants, the European Council declared Dilek Peninsula as the Flora Biogenetic Reserve Area.

Dilek National Park offers walking and climbing paths inside the forest for trekkers. Except daily facilities, no overnight facilities is allowed in the park to protect natural environments.

Wild Beauty of Peninsula

One of the unique natural areas of Turkey and the world, Dilek Peninsula National Park takes your breath away with its wild beauty. It is a part of the Delta of Great Menderes. This gorgeous corner of the earth is protected by the Ministry of Forest and Water Affairs and is a safe haven for countless species of wildlife in Turkey.

Wildlife: There are some endangered species in the Dilek Peninsula National Park. Anadolu Pars is the most typical example of these species.

There are not only many reptile, mammal and bird species in the park, but also almost all fish species and sea turtles of Mediterranean live and breed here. Monk seals protected in Mediterranean countries are also among habitants of the area.

National Park Profile

Located on the south of Kusadasi near Aydin province, Dilek Peninula was declared as a national park in 1966.

The basic highlights of the national park;

  • Nature photography, wild beauty of Dilek National Park.
  • Best preserved Mediterranean maquis flora.
  • Natural plant and animal communities.
  • Beautiful beaches, amazing geology, recreation areas.
  • 10 wonderful reasons to visit Dilek National Park.
Reflection of the Heaven
Dilek National Park, Kusadasi, Aydin