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Duden Waterfall

Discover Antalya, home of Duden waterfall


Magnificent Duden Waterfall

Your visit to Antalya's magnificent landscape must include a trip to one of its resplendent waterfalls, each of which is a natural wonder. Duden Waterfall is a marvelous waterfall and its surrounding gardens are a popular picnic spot in Antalya.

Duden Waterfall

The peaceful sounds of the water splashing against the rocks at Duden Waterfall are just one of the everyday luxuries you experience in Antalya. To enjoy a cool day in Antalya and also see a wonder of nature one should go to the Dudenbasi. The waterfall and picnicking area around it attract both people from Antalya and guests from outside.

The two sources of the falls, which have as much water as a river, are called Kirkgozler and Pinarbasi. They converge after a short way and form the Biyikli pothole and disappear in it.

The word Duden means a hole that swallows water sources. Some of these potholes can be so big that they can engulf a whole river and lake. Starting at Dudenbasi the Duden stream diverges into many rivulets that finally flow into the Mediterranean from the eastern side of a more than 40 m high travertine forming a waterfall. Dudenbasi is not simply a waterfall. The cave you enter via a narrow staircase and the verdant environment will impress you.

Upper Duden Waterfall

Upper Duden Waterfall, which is located on the Duden River, 10 km north of the city centre, is almost a part of heaven.

Upper Duden Waterfall is called as Alexander Falls as well and 10 km far from the city center. The paradise like hinterland of the waterfall is all in green. Source of the waterfall that falls from 20 m is at the Kirkgoz area 22 km ahead. Tombs engraved in the rocks can be seen beneath the waterfall.

Waterfall is worth for seeing through the caves beneath. There is also another water source at the base where waterfall falls. The environs of the waterfall designed as picnic area. Public buses and minibuses are the transport means.

Lower Duden Waterfall

Lower Duden Waterfall is 8 km far from the city center close to Karpuzkaldiran Beach on the way to Lara. Duden Creek creates this marvelous waterfall and its drop height is greater than the upper waterfall, falling from about 40 m into the sea in amazing water clouds. The panorama looks like a painting when looked through the Genclik Park right beside. If you have a chance, we advise you to watch the falling waters from a boat out at sea.

Duden Waterfalls, Turkey

Upper Duden Waterfall, Antalya