Lively Nightlife in Istanbul

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Entertainment and Nightlife

One of the most vibrant cities in terms of nightlife, Istanbul offers different opportunities to nightlife enthusiasts 24/7. With all kinds of events ranging from nightclubs to festivals, from concerts to parties, from live music bars to street parties; Istanbul never sleeps.

Exciting Nights

Istanbul entertains its visitors all day. The nightlife, both dining and going out has never been more abundant. Within a range from affordable to ultra luxury, Istanbul offers world's best tastes and entertainment for its guests. Various alternatives are available such as concerts, festivals, exhibitions, and clubs that are located across the city and serve both in summer and in winter.

Sometimes a sophisticated nightclub with dazzling view nearby the sea, sometimes an underground bar with non-stop headbangers or just a relaxing café serving you hookah and also open all night long. Every summer, worldwide known DJ's visit the city and perform fabulous shows to enthusiastic crowds.

In Istanbul, there is something for everyone; bars playing rock, jazz or blues, dance clubs, traditional taverns called meyhane.

Shortly, Istanbul is just the right city to party and to experience the colourful nightlife. We said Istanbul never sleeps, so it will not let you sleep too.

Istanbul's 24/7 Nightlife

Nightlife in Istanbul is multifarious, ranging from some rooted establishments to hip clubs, from partying by the sea to underground rock cafes, from gigantic venues to cosy live music bars. All these nightlife choices are scattered around the city, which boasts several centers when it comes to nightlife.

Galata: The music scene around the bohemian Galata neighbourhood attracts international jazz aficionados.

Golden Horn: There are several rooftop terraces, where you can enjoy nice music while watching the beautiful sunset across the fascinating scene of Halic (Golden Horn).

Bosphorus: If you rather dance to house music and looking for a fancy clubbing experience, the upscale clubs along the shores of the Bosphorus stand out with their exquisite ambience. Featuring lush waterfront terraces facing the glittering Bosphorus Bridge and an unforgettable sight, the venues in Ortakoy, Kurucesme and Bebek welcome internationally renowned DJs and live performers throughout the year.

Karakoy: Karakoy area is the new up and coming area for trendy nightlife as well.

Kadikoy: The Asian side of the city, known as Kadikoy, is known for the local music scene. Alongside of hip bars featuring a large variety of music, including jazz, reggae, world music, electronic, Latin or Turkish vibes, there are numerous underground clubs and bars and live performance venues.

Beyoglu: Beyoglu is one of the unique places in which you can listen to the Turkish traditional music bands whereas the crowd next door is headbanging and smashing electric guitars.

Entertainment and Nightlife
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