Faith Tourism in Turkey

Discover Turkey and spiritual journeys

Spiritual Journey to Turkey

In Turkey, you can visit lots of unique religious sites which are mosques for Muslims, churches and monasteries for Christians, and synagogues for Jews. Come and experience the spiritual journey to Turkey.

Belief Tourism

Any visitor to Turkey will be struck by the plethora and variety of religious buildings. There are temples dedicated to ancient gods, churches of many denominations, synagogues, monasteries, and of course, mosques. As civilizations succeeded each other over a period of 11.500 years, they each bestowed their religious legacy, and following the monotheistic domination of Anatolia, Islam, Christianity and Judaism coexisted in harmony.

During your holiday in Turkey, you will find both on the mainland and on the Turkish islands, that religion and faith are everywhere.

Come and discover Turkey's main religious attractions and holy places.

Cradle of Religions

Turkey has been a crossroads of three of the world's largest religions for centuries. Throughout its long history as a homeland to Islam, Christianity and Judaism, Turkey has embraced their diverse beliefs and preserved their holy sites.

Today, visitors seeking to experience Turkey through the eyes of their faith can visit the religious sites, while simultaneously feasting on the wonders of a country that embraces people of all beliefs.

Holy Sites

Mosques, churches, monasteries, synagogues, sacred places and pilgrimages tell of the long and enduring devotion to Islam, Christianity and Judaism in Turkey.

  • Islam: Turkey is attracting a growing number of visitors interested in exploring its Islamic holy sites. While you are in Turkey you will find plenty of sacred sites like tombs, mosques and complexes for muslim people to visit.
  • Judaism : Jews have inhabited Turkey for thousands of years as recorded in the Old Testament. As well as synagogues in Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa, Canakkale and Edirne, you can also visit the archaeological excavations of early Jewish settlements in Turkey.
  • Christianity: Turkey is the second holiest land in the world in terms of Christian sacred sites. During your holiday in Turkey, you can visit some of the most stunning churches and monasteries, as well as biblical and early Christian sites.
Spiritual Journey to Turkey
Old Church, Goreme, Cappadocia