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Food and Drink in Gaziantep

Discover Gaziantep, home of gastronomy


Gastronomy in Gaziantep

Gaziantep has one of the finest cuisines not only in Turkey but in the whole world, boasting unique sauces and blends of flavours and spices. Local drinks, fruits and vegetables play an important role in the Gaziantep kitchen. The majority of meat and vegetable dishes can also be prepared with yoghurt. Cuts of meat and spices are chosen specifically for each dish. Join world famous chefs and discover the mouth-watering kebabs, unique local dishes, and amazing desserts of Gaziantep.

12 Different Types of Foods to Try in Gaziantep

12 Different Types of Foods to Try

Food Drink

Gaziantep's Authentic Foods

According to the most common type of classification, there are 12 kinds of dishes in Gaziantep cuisine. Discover a taste of Gaziantep with our essential must-try list of different dishes.

12 Different Types of Foods in Gaziantep
Creative City of Gastronomy, Gaziantep

Gaziantep, Creative City of Gastronomy

Creative City

Gaziantep, City of Gastronomy

Turkey's southeastern province of Gaziantep has been added to the list in UNESCO's Creative Cities Network as a creative city of gastronomy in 2015. Gaziantep is well known for its long and vibrant gastronomic history.

Gaziantep, City of Gastronomy

Gaziantep Cuisine

When we think of authentic Turkish foods there is only one place for it. Gaziantep, the food capital of the world. Come to Gaziantep, discover its great gastronomy culture and taste Gaziantep's traditional foods and drinks. Bon Appetit!