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Food and Drink in Izmir

Discover Izmir, home of gastronomy


Gastronomy in Izmir

Being a city on the coast of the Aegean, with its variety of vegetation and multi cultural structure, Izmir has a rich cuisine. In Izmir, there are many restaurants that offer olive oil dishes made from herbs grown in the region, and a variety fish and seafood dishes from the Aegean Sea. A perfect blend: Traditional Aegean cuisine, well balanced and healthy diet, multi cultural influence, fresh vegetables and seafood, olive oil, wild greens and herbs, wine. Bon Appetit!

Authentic Flavours Unique to Izmir

Authentic Izmir Flavours

Food Drink

Izmir's Authentic Flavours

Izmır and its surroundings are not only rich in seafood but also in a mixture of Aegean, Mediterranean, and Anatolian dishes. We advice you to try some of these authentic dishes of Izmir.

Authentic Flavours Unique to Izmir
Wine Tasting in Izmir

Wine Tasting in Izmir

Wine Tasting

Izmir Wine Tasting

Would you like to enjoy a day tasting Izmir wines and eat the best Aegean foods? If so, this guide will give you a better perception of wine tasting in Izmir, and that you enjoy the finer tastes of Izmir wines.

Wine Tasting in Izmir

Izmir, Luscious City

Located in a fertile geography due to climate and soil conditions, Izmir has a product range that can be seen in a very few places of the world. The chefs, who combine the thousands of years tradition and today's expertise, introduce Izmir cuisine to the world. With these characteristics and gastronomy culture, Izmir is a member city of World Gourmet Cities Network (DELICE).