Gala Lake National Park

Discover Edirne and visit peaceful wetlands

Thrace's Bird Paradise

Located within the boundaries Edirne province in Marmara region, Gala Lake National Park covers an area of 6090 hectares. The national park is famous for its silent and peaceful wetland, and 3000 hectares of forest area.

Gala Lake

Gala Lake and its surroundings have been declared as a national park in 2005 and taken under protection. The national park covers an area consisting of 3090 hectares of wetland (Big Gala Lake, Small Gala Lake, Pamuk Lake) and 3000 hectares of forest (Hisli Mountain).

Gala Lake National Park, which is a habitat for various species of animal and plant, is located on the north and south bird migration route.

In the national park, 311 plant species have been identified and 5 of them are endemic. In addition, 59 taxa are suitable for medical and ornamental usage. About 46 of 165 bird species observed in the area are resident, 27 winter migratory and 90 summer migratory birds. The best times to see all of the birds here are April, May and September in the spring. As fish species, the lake is also home to European eel, pike perch, common carp and northern pike.

What to Do

Gala Lake has magnificent nature, extraordinary silent and peaceful atmosphere. With its forest ecosystem, wetlands, meadow fields and mountainous environments very close to each other, the lake has a rich variety of habitat. The ecosystem, salinity and temperature changes of Gala Lake are also great interest for scientists.

One of the important biodiversity areas in Turkey, Gala Lake National Park offers walking, cycling, enjoying beautiful scenery, nature photography, bird watching and other nature activities to visitors.

National Park Profile

Gala Lake National Park is 10 km away from Enez town and 23 km away from Ipsala town, within the boundaries of Edirne province in the far southwest corner of Thrace. It is one of the most important wetlands of Turkey.

The basic highlights of the national park;

  • Natural habitat for various species of animal and plant.
  • Silent and peaceful environment.
  • Hisli Mountain, Big Gala Lake, Small Gala Lake, Pamuk Lake.
  • Bird watching and nature photography.
Thrace's Bird Paradise
Gala Lake, Enez, Edirne