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Gelintulu Waterfall

Discover Rize, home of Gelintulu waterfall


Camlihemsin Gelintulu Waterfall

Gelintulu Waterfall is located in Camlihemsin district of Rize province in the Black Sea Region of Turkey. Come and watch this enchanting scenery.

Gelintulu Waterfall

Gelintulu Waterfall is situated at an area named Kelegon of Ayder Plateau, Camlihemsin is an attractive place with its bluish green that is the characteristic color of the nature in the Black Sea region.

The waterfall gives its name from local people who thinks of a bride's veil when they see it.

Geographical Information

Country: Turkey
Region: Black Sea
Province: Rize
Town: Camlihemsin

What to Do

Gelintulu Waterfall is a height of 1350 meters of water, poured down from the beech and cedar trees of the foggy mountain. There is a great scenery, many tourist from all over the world and Turkey come to watch this enchanting scene.

Gelintulu Waterfall, Turkey

Gelintulu Waterfall, Camlihemsin, Rize