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Girlevik Waterfall

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Caglayan Girlevik Waterfall

Girlevik Waterfall is located in the Caglayan Stream which is at 29 kilometers southeast of Erzincan, and is a promenade location famous for its natural chill and beauty.

Girlevik Waterfall

Girlevik Waterfall, located 29 km to the southeast of Erzincan, is a well known picnic area famous for its natural beauty.

Girlevik Waterfall is one of Turkey's most beautiful waterfalls. With the beginning of winter, the water freezes to form stalactites. This creates ideal conditions for rock climbing. Exuberant gushing waters and greenery make this region virtually a paradise.

Geographical Information

Country: Turkey
Region: Eastern Anatolia
Province: Erzincan
Village: Caglayan

What to Do

If you go to Erzincan, you must definetely see Girlevik Waterfall. Sometimes because of the hot weather and agricurltural irrigation water can be very thin. The waterfall attracts numerous local and foreign tourists to the region.

Girlevik Waterfall, Turkey

Girlevik Waterfall, Caglayan, Erzincan