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Goksu Waterfall

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Hadim Goksu Waterfall

Goksu Waterfall is one of the most attractive places as a natural wonder to visit, just like a heaven when first viewed. The waterfall is also named as Yerkopru Waterfall, located in Hadim town of Konya province in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey.

Goksu Waterfall

There is more than a thousand and one beautiful sights in Turkey, but Goksu Waterfall is unquestionably near the top of the list. The waterfall attracts great interest from domestic and foreign visitors.

Goksu Waterfall is formed at a place, where the river was blocked by earth from the slopes of the river valley due to landslide. Spring water named Karasu, which outcropped from the valley slope, overspread on the landslide earth mass and formed a layer of travertine. In the long run, the stream submerged under the natural barrage and formed an underground water tunnel, which is a cave of about 500 m. The cave contains stalactites and stalagmites inside.

Geographical Information

Country: Turkey
Region: Central Anatolia
Province: Konya
Town: Hadim

What to Do

The waterfall is on the Goksu River, and drops from the travertines to the river bed in a height of 20 m. Goksu Waterfall, flowing every day of the year, is one of the beautiful waterfalls in Turkey.

It is possible to enter into the cave and climb on the rocks. However, you need to have the necessary materials, raincoat or a diving suit. Please remember, the number of visitors increase at the weekend.

Goksu Waterfall, Turkey

Goksu Waterfall, Hadim, Konya