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Great Menderes Delta

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Delta of Great Menderes

Delta of Great Menderes is among the most abundant deltas in Turkey, located on the south of Kusadasi in Aydin province. Unique natural wetland of the Aegean was declared as a national park in 1994.

Menderes River

Great Menderes River (historically Maeander) is the largest river in southwestern Turkey and one of the most abundant areas of our country.

The main water supply of Menderes Basin, the river is 584 km long. The Great Menderes Basin forms a rich agricultural area covered by silt deposits washed down over thousands of years by the Great Menderes River.

Journey of a River: The Great Menderes River rises on the Anatolian plateau south and west of Afyon and flows westward through a narrow valley and canyon. At Saraykoy it expands into a valley with a typical Mediterranean landscape, dotted with fig trees, olive groves, and vineyards. Near the province of Aydin the river turns southwest, emptying into the Aegean Sea after a course of about 584 km.

Great Menderes Delta

The Delta of Great Menderes covering 16.613 hectares area, situated on the south of Kusadasi town, is one of the most significant wetlands in Turkey. The delta was also included in the list of national parks in 1994.

One the most important habitats in the Aegean region for migratory birds , Great Menderes Delta is also the spawning ground of marine fishes. It has a large biological diversity, and provides a suitable habitat for 250 bird species, 70 of which nest in the area. The delta is adjacent to the southern part of the Dilek Peninsula, runs along a unique pastoral landscape.

When you come to Aydin for your holiday, we strongly recommend you to see the Delta of Great Menderes.

Class A Wetland: Since the delta has the feature of being Class A Wetland, it has an international importance.

Delta of Great Menderes, Turkey

Great Menderes River, Soke, Aydin