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Unesco, Divrigi Great Mosque

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Great Mosque and Hospital of Divrigi

Great Mosque and Hospital of Divrigi is one of the finest examples of Seljuk stone carving and architecture in Turkey, remarkable building combining a monumental hypostyle mosque with a hospital, which includes a tomb.

The Place where the Stone Became an Art

Great Mosque of Divrigi, which was shaped by its architect Hurrem Shah of Ahlat in 1228, is a unique structure with its type of planning and decoration features. Built next to the mosque as a two storey structure with a central courtyard, the Hospital has splendid characteristics where the patients recover with the soothing sound of flowing water.

Great Mosque and Hospital

Great Mosque and Hospital have plain facades. However, the Great Portal of the Hospital, the Northern Portal of the Mosque, the Western Portal of the Mosque and the Portal of Shah's Dais are dazzling marvels of architecture and engineering with their unique decorations, each being distinct from other decorations.

The three dimensional, asymmetrical and geometrical figures of plants on all the great portals of the structure are embroidered enthusiastically with an understanding of authentic description through a near sculpture high relief technique. There is no other example in Turkish and Islamic art of this baroque style architecture on the Great Mosque and Hospital of Divrigi, where there are lacy stone carving decorations.

In addition to the portals, all bases, shafts and capitals of the columns, as well as the inner surface of the dome, are decorated with a different, distinct and unique style.

Unesco World Heritage

Great Mosque and Hospital of Divrigi are of the first architectural constructions of Turkey inscribed on the World Heritage List as cultural assets in 1985. This building complex was commissioned in the 13th century by Ahmet Shah and his wife Melike Turan of the Principality of Mengucekli.

Renowned for its monumental architecture and traditional stone carving decorations of Anatolia, this masterpiece, with its two domed mosque, hospital and tomb, was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985.

UNESCO Identity Card:

  • Official Name: Great Mosque and Hospital of Divrigi
  • Architectural Type: Mosque and Hospital
  • Built: 1228 - 1229
  • Date of Inscription: 1985
  • Type: Cultural
  • Reference: 358
  • Location: Sivas, Turkey

Great Mosque and Hospital of Divrigi, Turkey

Great Mosque and Hospital, Divrigi, Sivas