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Gulf of Saros

Discover Canakkale, home of Saros Bay


Saros Bay

Where green meets the sea, Saros Bay, also known as Gulf of Saros is an inlet of the northern Aegean Sea located north of the Gallipoli Peninsula, between the coasts of Thrace, parallel to Canakkale Strait in northwestern Turkey.

Gulf of Saros

Gulf of Saros, known as Melas Kolpos in ancient times, constitutes the most salty part of the Aegean Sea, is one of the cleanest areas in the Aegean Sea due to the high water flows.

This beautiful gulf, which is a natural wonder covered with perfectly clean beaches, has one of three seas in the world that can clean itself naturally. Saros Bay performs the self cleaning process starting on the 15th or 18th day of February, April and July and ending on the 25th or 28th day. The cold water at the bottom and the stream of hot water on the surface clean all foreign substances in the bay.

144 species of fishes, 78 species of sea plants and 34 species of sponges live in Saros Bay. Because of the diversity of the sea creatures, it attracts the attention of underwater photographers.

Scuba Diving at Saros

Saros, preferred for swimming, sunbathing, windsurfing and camping is one of the most favourite places in Turkey for diving enthusiasts. Due to its close location to Istanbul and full of submerged ruins, you may dive into depths of the strait within one hour at Saros.

At the strait at a depth of 30 m, you can see all types of wrecks. At a depth of 15 m, an unbelievably beautiful underwater sea life awaits you.

Highlights of the Saros Bay

Let's explore some highlights of the Gulf of Saros;

After Side and Patara, Turkey's third largest beach is located in the town of Erikli on the Gulf of Saros. In recent years people from all over Turkey visit the bay to explore the beauties.

Gulf of Saros, Turkey

Saros Bay, Gallipoli, Canakkale