Guney Waterfall

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A Wonder of Nature

Guney Waterfall, which is the most popular waterfall in Denizli, attracts many local and international visitors with its amazing beauty. It is known as the 23rd natural wonder and monument of Turkey.

Guney Waterfall

A wonder of nature in Denizli, Guney town, Cindere village, near Menderes River which flows approximately 4km south of the town.

Ranking 23rd among the wonders of nature in Turkey, Guney Waterfall is a unique gift of nature to Denizli. The waterfall flows with the gurgling sound of limewater and is fed by th small streams 200 m behind it. There is also a cave opened by the powerfull flowing water and a pond above which there are stalactites and stalagmites.

Guney Waterfall, which was declared first degree protected area, is considered as one of Turkey's most important natural treasures. The water poured from a height of 20 m reminds you a smile on the face of a little girl. It will be good for your soul to see this waterfall.

What to Do

Think of a freely flowing waterfall that will take you to another period in time, then take a deep breath and turn your face to the Guney Waterfall. When you visit this waterfall, you can have a picnic accompanied by the musical and visual feast of nature or you can eat your fresh fish casserole in the countryside restaurant and drink a cup of Turkish coffee.

Geographical Information

Guney Waterfall is located 4 km away from the district of Guney, near to the village of Cindere.

The waterfall is just like a secret heaven located at the side of Menderes River. Part of the waterfall was damaged during a landslide in May 2013. However, thanks to the action taken quickly, Guney Waterfall started flowing over a rigid bed again.

Please see the geographical informations below;

  • Country: Turkey
  • Region: Aegean
  • Province: Denizli
  • Town: Guney
A Wonder of Nature
Guney Waterfall, Denizli