Haleplibahce Mosaic Museum

Discover Sanliurfa and see great mosaics

Turkey's Biggest Museum Complex

Haleplibahce Mosaic Museum of Sanliurfa is home to the world's most valuable and delicate mosaics. The museum is the largest new museum complex in Turkey. Mosaics featured in the museum are one of the biggest values of this complex.

Haleplibahce Mosaic Museum

Haleplibahce Mosaic Museum is ultramodern and completely utilitarian in nature being in the form of a massive inverted saucer which covers the entire site with the mosaics having been left in situ and with walkways allowing full viewing of all parts of the complex.

The museum is the greatest structure of Turkey crossed without any columns having an area of 6000 m2 and 82 m diameter.

The complex, which is home to the mosaics covering an area of 1500 m2, is a locomotive of Turkish tourism especially in the region.

What is on Display?

Sanliurfa is the city of mosaics. Just beside the Halil-ur Rahman pool in the centre of Sanliurfa lie the remains of the ancient Greek city of Edessa. The most important remains of the Edessa are the colourful and skillfully Haleplibahce mosaics.

The mosaics uncovered in Haleplibahce are exhibited in the Haleplibahce Mosaic Museum. The mosaics are the first examples in the world of mosaics depicting Amazon warrior queens. The technical and artistic elements of the mosaics, and the fact that they were crafted using 4 mm2 stones from the Euphrates River, have made them one of the world's most precious mosaics. Haleplibahce mosaics are some of the finest examples of mosaics in the Eastern world. The most fascinating aspect of the mosaics is the high level of refinement created from tiny coloured stones.

Highlights of the Museum

Orpheus Mosaic: Orpheus Mosaic is the oldest mosaic (194 AD) among the Edessa mosaics, as well as, it is rather important because that it is signed by the artist called Bar Saged.

Ktisis, Hunted Amazons, Achilleus: Highlights include also the Ktisis mosaic, the Hunted Amazons mosaic, dating from the 5th or 6th century, and the Achilleus mosaic, depicting scenes from Achilleus' life.

Turkey's Biggest Museum Complex
Hunted Amazons Mosaic, Sanliurfa