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Harbiye Waterfall

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Defne Harbiye Waterfall

Harbiye Defne Waterfall is very beautiful, and provides coolness on a hot summer day in Hatay province of Turkey. Cool your toes in the abundant waters at Defne.

Harbiye Waterfall

Harbiye Waterfall is almost 7-8 km from Hatay city center, also known as the Defne Waterfall.

The waterfall, consisting of a few small waterfalls, is a favourite place for who want to spend time with nature. You can find an opportunity to eat your food in this area with the waterfall freshness, because there are many restaurants around you can choose between.

Beautiful smell of the local trees make you feel good.


Defne was world's famous summer resort place with the waterfalls during Seleukos and Romans. It was a renowned place with numerous luxurious houses, temples, entertainment places and Olympic games organized at its stadium.

Violent earthquakes destroyed the entire city therefore not much remains left behind. Defne is renowned and a nice picnic area even today. It is also well known with the statue, silk and the production of tourist materials.

Geographical Information

Country: Turkey
Region: Mediterranean
Province: Hatay
Town: Defne

Harbiye Waterfall, Turkey

Harbiye Waterfall, Defne, Hatay