Heaven and Hell Sinkholes

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A Visual Feast in Nature

Heaven and Hell are the names of two large sinkholes which came into being when the ceiling collapsed as a result of chemical erosion caused by an underground creek. The sinkholes are among the tourist attractions of Mersin.

Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell Sinkholes are located 25 km east of Silifke, 2 km northwest of Narlikuyu harbour and 5 km northwest of Maiden's Castle.

There are two wonderful natural sinkholes in this area, each of them is a rocky, wide and deep pit. These sinkholes were formed in thousands of years by the collapse of the ceilings which was as a result of dissolution of subjacent lime beneath caused by underground water.

You should definitely see these sinkholes that offer a visual feast in natural and historical sense.

Heaven Sinkhole

It was called Corycus Cave in ancient times. Its elliptical opening is 250 m and 110 m in diameter and its depth is 70 m. There is the entrance of a large cave, which is 200 m long and has a deepest point at 135 m, at the southern end of the bottom of the sinkhole. At the mouth of this cave, there is a small church.

You can go down the pit of Heaven by a stair of 452 steps each of which is quite wide. After the church, you hear the sound of a mythological underground creek at the point where the cave ends.

Hell Sinkhole

The Hell Pit, which is 75 m ahead of the sinkhole of Heaven, came into being in a similar way. It has a diameter of 50 m and 75 m and a depth of 128 m. It is very difficult to go down because the edges are concave. The pit looks awe inspiring. Rumour has it that sinners and criminals were thrown into this pit in the past.


According to the mythology, Zeus kept Typhon who was the giant of giants temporarily in the pit of Hell before imprisoning him under Mount Etna on the island of Sicily.

A Visual Feast in Nature
Heaven and Hell, Silifke, Mersin