Heli-Skiing in Turkey

Discover Turkey and unique heli-skiing adventures

Turkey Heliski Experience

The heli-skiing in Turkey is world class, offers perfect quality, friendliness and accessibility. Spend your skiing holidays in Turkey and experience great nature and hospitality. Get ready for a new heliski adventure. What a unique experience.


Heli-skiing is a sport of flying a helicopter to a place in the mountains where you can ski on deep snow that no one else has skied on.

Actually this sport is only performed by professional skiers and it requires special materials and experiences. If you are a strong or intermediate skier on the piste then you are ready to try heli-skiing in Turkey.

Turkey offers a very different ski experience, without long-haul flights. The heli-skiing in Turkey is absolutely world class. Spend your skiing holidays in Turkey and experience great nature and hospitality. You can choose Turkey for its proximity to Europe, perfect quality, friendliness, accessibility and its many mountain ranges that cover the territory.

During your helicopter journey in Turkey, be sure to have your camera with you.

Locations for Heli-Skiing

Ayder: Ayder Base caters for both the regular and private skiing programmes. Immerse yourself in mountain village culture in this friendly, relaxed environment.

Ikizdere: Ikizdere Base is generally for private groups only. Enjoy modern, four star accommodation, with spa centre and thermal baths.

Yaylalar: Yaylalar Base is a small village, there is a mountain inn in this small corner of paradise that is open for us throughout the winter.

Kackar Mountains

The Kackar Massif is one of the most important ones in the country, with Mount Kackar its highest peak. In the Kackar Mountains, north east of Turkey, near the Black Sea, where you will ski, there are peaks over 3500 meters above sea level and a steady snowfall in winter. You will be captivated by this country and the friendliness of its inhabitants as they welcome you to this paradise of powder.

With quality international guides and pilots, unique lodging accommodation combined with local Turkish hospitality, it is a fantastic heliski experience that can be easily accessed from Europe.

Heli-Skiing Holidays in Turkey
Kackar Mountains, Ayder, Rize