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Hisar Mosque

Discover Izmir, home of Molla Yakup Mosque


Molla Yakup Mosque

Hisar Mosque is one of Izmir's monumental religious structures, situated in the neighbourhood of Kemeralti. Built by Aydinoglu Yakup Bey in 1597, the mosque is the biggest and most magnificent mosque in Izmir.

Hisaronu Mosque

Hisar Mosque or Hisaronu Mosque, which is the largest mosque in Izmir, one of the five mosques surrounding the old harbour. The mosque is also one of the most beautiful examples of Ottoman architecture.

The local people call the mosque as Hisar but in written documents it is referred to as Molla Yakup Mosque. You feel safe as soon as you step inside the mosque.

A great dome at the centre of Hisar Mosque stands on eight large pillars; there are three large domes on the sides, three small ones at the back and seven small domes at the last congregation area. Hisar Mosque has a minaret with only single balcony. The interior of the mosque displays the most beautiful examples of the Ottoman art of decoration.

Architectural Features

Hisar Mosque is the largest and oldest mosque in Izmir, represents one of the most striking examples of the Ottoman style of decoration.

Some architectural features of the Hisar Mosque;

  • Built at the end of the 16th century using cut stone
  • Restored in the 19th
  • Its protector is Aydinoglu Yakup Bey
  • The blue and gold motifs on the domed ceiling that are simpler and less oriental than classic Ottoman designs
  • Rose and grape motifs carved along the bottom of the women's gallery
  • The biggest and central mosque in the city
  • Covered with a big central dome in the middle, three domes on both sides, and three small domes at the back

Today, the Hisar Mosque is also known as Hisaronu Mosque, Molla Yakup Mosque and Yakup Bey Mosque.

Visiting the Hisar Mosque

The mosque is closed during prayer times. Visitors are required to cover themselves on entry.

Hisaronu Mosque, Turkey

Interior of the Hisar Mosque, Izmir