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Unesco, Historic Areas of Istanbul

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Istanbul's Historic Areas

The historical city of Istanbul, the only city in the world located on two continents, was the capital of three great empires; Roman, Byzantine and the Ottoman Empire.

Love of Continents

Istanbul is the only city situated on two continents in the world. The Historic Areas of Istanbul are represented by four main areas: Sultanahmet Archaeological Park, Suleymaniye Conservation Area, Zeyrek Conservation Area and Land Walls Conservation Area. These areas differ from each other in terms of the periods and characteristics of the cultural property that they house, and they display the urban history of Istanbul.

Sultanahmet Archaeological Park

Istanbul is a holy city, where mosques, churches and synagogues exist side by side, and even declare their unity Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and the unique mosaics of Hagia Sophia.

Topkapi Palace, the administrative centre of the Ottoman Empire. Suleymaniye Mosque, the masterpiece of imperial architect Mimar Sinan, rising above the Golden Horn.

Basilica Cistern, the City Walls, the timber houses, and the music dancing at the domes of Hagia Eirene announce Istanbul as the capital of history and culture.

Zeyrek and Suleymaniye Conservation Areas

An important part of the historical areas of Istanbul is the hundreds of mansions, timber houses, and public buildings in Zeyrek and Suleymaniye Conservation Areas that have managed to survive until today.

Built between 1550 and 1557, Suleymaniye Mosque and its Complex is one of the masterpieces of the royal architect Mimar Sinan.

Land Walls

Land Walls, located on the West boundary of the Historical Peninsula and lying from the Golden Horn to Sea of Marmara in the north south direction, are one of the biggest projects of the Ancient Period. Its construction started at the beginning of the 5th century during the reign of Theodosius II. Land Walls are of high quality with their size, design, construction techniques and materials.

Unesco World Heritage

The Historic Areas of Istanbul, situated on a peninsula surrounded by the Sea of Marmara, Bosphorus, and Golden Horn, were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985.

UNESCO Identity Card:
Official Name: Historic Areas of Istanbul
Date added to Unesco: 1985
Type: Cultural
Reference: 356
Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Historic Areas of Istanbul, Turkey

Suleymaniye Mosque, Gold Horn, Istanbul