Izmir Historical Elevator

Discover Izmir and aesthetic elevator building

Historical Elevator of Izmir

Built in 1907, the Elevator is one of the most interesting tourist spots in Izmir today. This aesthetically designed building is recognized as one of the indispensable social structures in the city.

The Elevator

The historical Elevator was built by Nessim Levy, a Jewish businessman, in 1907 to over come the topographic barrier between the districts of Mithatpasa Street and Halil Rifat Pasa Street.

The Elevator is one of the artworks of the recent period to be seen in the city center. Giving its name to the district in which it is located, thanks to its location, the historical Elevator is the best structure to watch the view of Izmir. The upper promenade of the elevator boasts a cafe and a restaurant in which visitors can relax and get an unparalleled view of the Gulf of Izmir. Now operated with electricity, originally both elevators in the structure were water driven. The charming old street at the foot of the elevator is named after Dario Moreno, an international singer and a native of Izmir. There is also a statue of the famous artist at the end of the street and a cafe and a stylish restaurant.

The Elevator, whose similar ones can be found in a few countries offers a unique Izmir sight.

Izmir's Famous Landmark

Built by a businessman in 1907, the elevator was used in despite of slow pace. Because it was not easy to reach Halil Rifat Pasa at the beginning of the century. You had to choose between a long way to walk and 155 stairs to climb. Both alternatives were impossible for the people.

The first and unique elevator of Turkey was bought by merchant Serif Remzi Reyent for Izmir in 1942. It was donated to the municipality in 1983. The mechanism was converted to electricity in 1985.

Restoration: The historical Elevator, with its mystic Middle Age ambiance and renaissance figures, was restored in 1992 as a culture, art and leisure center.

In the same year, 302 street, stretching vertically from Mithatpasa Street to the elevator, was named Dario Moreno, after the world famous artist who lived there. The house of him was also restored.

Precious Place of Izmir: The Elevator with its scenery, history, unique features, and elegant architecture, functions as an asset of the metropolitan municipality management.

  • It was built by Nessim Levy in 1907.
  • Restaurant is preferred generally for business dinners.
  • Terrace cafe is a point of attraction with its scenery of Izmir.
  • Pub is very popular among the younger generation.
Historical Elevator of Izmir
Dario Moreno Street, Izmir