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Historical Places in Antalya

Discover Antalya, home of historical sites


Antalya's Historical Sites

Antalya has many well preserved historical sites and ancient settlements dating back to thousands of years. These historical structures give you a number of options for daily activities. In the heart of the city, where the old harbour and Kaleici are situated, you will experience the spirit, fragrances and the beauty of the past coming alive all around you. Come and visit the historical places of Antalya.

Kaleici Old Town, Antalya

Kaleici, Historical Old Town

Things Do See

Historical City Centre

Kaleici, the old city centre of Antalya, combines the aesthetics of old and new. Kaleici, the heart of Antalya, is one of the most frequented areas of the city with its historic buildings, entertainment facilities, hotels, restaurants and bars.

Kaleici Old Town

Ancient Cities of Antalya

Antalya is like a paradise of ancient cities. Wherever you are in the city you can be sure that you are never far away from the ancient settlements. Therefore Antalya is the most important stop in Turkey for visitors who are keen on archaeology and history.

Ancient City of Termessos, Antalya

Termessos Ancient City

Historical Structure

Ancient City of Termessos

Termessos Ancient City was built on a steep hillside covered with pine forest, which has helped the ancient city reach the present day untouched and well preserved, and become a tourist attraction.

Termessos Ancient City
Ancient City of Perge, Antalya

Perge Ancient City

Historical Structure

Ancient City of Perge

Set amidst the beauty of Antalya sits the magnificent ancient city of Perge. The ancient city is 2 km from the main road Antalya-Alanya and 15 km from Antalya.

Perge Ancient City