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Historical Places in Kars

Discover Kars, home of historical sites


Kars' Historical Sites

The city of Kars has some inspiring tourist spots for culture and history lovers. The most impressive historical sites are the Archaeological Site of Ani (Ani Ruins), Castle of Kars, Stone Bridge, Katerina Hunting Mansion, Inkaya Micingirt Castle, Zivin Castle, Topcuoglu Hammam, Gazi Ahmet Muhtar Pasha Mansion. Here we rounded up the best sights to create a wish list of your Kars journey.

Archaeological Site of Ani, Kars

Archaeological Site of Ani

World Heritage

Historic Ani Ruins

Archaeological Site of Ani is located in the northeast of Turkey, 42 km from the city of Kars on the Silk Road, on a secluded triangular plateau overlooking a deep narrow valley that forms the natural border with Armenia.

Archaeological Site of Ani