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Historical Places in Sanliurfa

Discover Sanliurfa, home of historical sites


Sanliurfa's Historical Sites

Sanliurfa, located at an important crossroads between Mesopotamia and Anatolia, is home to many historical sites such as the archaeological site of Gobeklitepe, Nevali Cori, ancient city of Suayb, inns, houses, mansions and other monuments. Also, it is easy to say that Sanliurfa with its many historic settlements from the Neolithic Period will continue to host discoveries that reveal the secrets of human history. This emphasizes the importance of archaeological excavations in a city like Sanliurfa where a set of rich historic values are rooted.

7 Great Reasons to Visit Gobeklitepe

7 Great Reasons to Visit Gobeklitepe

Historical Structure

Why to Visit Gobeklitepe Temple

While the awareness of Gobeklitepe is increasing every year, thousands of tourists visit the region to see this great historical site. Here are the 7 of best reasons for you to visit the world's oldest temple and discovery that changed the human history.

7 Great Reasons to Visit Gobeklitepe
Gobeklitepe Archaeological Site, Sanliurfa

Gobeklitepe Archaeological Site

World Heritage

Gobeklitepe, Zero Point in Time

Gobeklitepe, zero point in time, the oldest temple of the world. This is the spot, Gobeklitepe, where modern human society all began, the ancient religious temple that threw the history world into chaos. Come and see this unique historical site in Sanliurfa province.

Gobeklitepe Archaeological Site