Homa Waterfall

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Gumussu Waterfall

Homa Waterfall is known as the Gumussu (Silver Water) because of its high quality water. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Turkey and is undiscovered fully by travelers yet.

Homa Waterfall

Civril-Dinar Tectonic Basin, which is rich in terms of natural and cultural treasures, includes in addition to the lakes of Isikli and Gokgol, Akdag Nature Park, Isikli, Yuva, Gokgol, Sucikan Springs, Isikli Ancient City, Beycesultan Tumulus and Homa Waterfall.

Homa, which is the name of the sacred pearl in Denizli, is a beautiful waterfall refreshing the people passing under it. Unexplored fully by travelers, Homa is one of Turkey's most beautiful waterfalls.

Homa Waterfall falls down from a height of about 30 m, and the water is really cold, clean and fresh.

What to Do

After enjoying a picnic accompanied by the sound of water and the tranquility of greenery, surrounded by natural and cultural wonders near the easy to reach waterfall, which is located near to Akdag Nature Park boundary, Pinarbasi (Kocapinar) Spring and Tokali Canyon, you can go some way towards other nearby treasures.

Geographical Information

Homa Waterfall on the Civril-Dinar road, 30 km from Civril, is another wonder of nature in Denizli.

It is approximately 120 km from the city centre and 130 km from Pamukkale.

Please see the geographical informations below;

  • Country: Turkey
  • Region: Aegean
  • Province: Denizli
  • Town: Civril
Gumussu Waterfall
Gumussu Waterfall, Civril, Denizli