Hot Air Ballooning in Turkey

Discover Turkey and take a hot air balloon ride

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Have you ever watched a bird soaring high in the sky and wondered how it would feel to fly? Turkey's Cappadocia and Pamukkale regions are the best places on earth for hot air balloon ride, where nature and history come together most beautifully within the world.


Hot air balloons in Turkey are licensed, regulated aircraft. Pilots must meet certain standards of training and experience to be licensed. Hot air balloon companies must carry insurance coverage.

In Turkey, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication, Directorate General of Civil Aviation, is the licensing authority for hot air ballooning companies, just as it is for airlines. The 25 balloon companies in Cappadocia fly with an average of 260 days a year with 239 hot air balloons. Pamukkale has the 8 companies for balloon tours.

Ideal Time for Taking Off

Early mornings are the best time for taking off in a hot air balloon. Hot air ballooning usually takes place at wind speeds of up to 10 miles an hour. Also the winds have to be stable, otherwise you will end up feeling giddy in a balloon swaying to and fro like a pendulum.

Hot Air Balloon Tourism

Would you like to rediscover the sky, get closer to the clouds and experience a different excitement? Turkey is one of the countries in the world where hot air balloon transportations. Not only in Cappadocia, but also in many other provinces of Turkey, hot air balloon tourism is being done.

  • Cappadocia, Nevsehir
  • Pamukkale, Denizli
  • Karamanli, Burdur
  • Frig Valley, Eskisehir
  • Ahlat, Bitlis

Cappadocia: While geographic events are forming strange rock formations, during the historical period, humans had carried the signs of thousand years old civilizations with carving houses and churches within these earth pillars and decorating them with frescoes.

Hot air ballooning is the best way to view the amazing landscape and early history of Cappadocia.

Pamukkale: Every year thousands of local and foreign tourists come to Pamukkale, which is famous known for its white travertines, hot springs and ancient cities. Pamukkale is also very popular spot for visitors going up in a hot air ballon to witness beautiful and unusual landscape of the area.

Hot Air Ballooning in Turkey
Woman on the Roof, Cappadocia