Ikizdere, Ideal Base for Heli-Skiing

Discover Turkey and its fantastic heli-skiing bases

Alpine Heli-Skiing Experience in Ikizdere

Ikizdere is located in the west of the Kackar Mountains providing an ideal base to explore the fantastic open alpine heli-skiing terrain with its typical mountain villages and wooden houses.

Ikizdere Base

Ikizdere is located in Rize province of the Black Sea region in Turkey. It is roughly 2 hours away from Trabzon airport.

Ikizdere base is to the west of the Kackar Mountains and Ayder Plateau. This base is perfect if you are looking for more comfortable and luxurious hotel facilities plus a spa centre, proximity to Trabzon, terrain that is perfect for heli-skiing. More luxurious heli-skiing experience in Turkey, the Ikizdere base offers private accommodation in a resort based hotel.


Ikizdere based heli-skiing will give you Canadian style descents with an lovely atmosphere. Dozens of mosques are scattered through the valleys giving a unique feel to your ski expeditions.

Skiable Terrain of Ikizdere

The nearest heli-skiing area to the accommodation in Ikizdere is only an 8 minute flight away and the bases are 20 or 25 minutes from each other by helicopter.

A fantastic skiing experience, just hours away from major European capitals;

  • The skiable terrain accessible from the Ikizdere base covers some 4500 square meters.
  • The highest point in the range is Kackar Mountains almost 3937 meters.
  • You can ski at altitudes of between 1500 meters and 3700 meters.
  • The vertical drops for your runs range from 500 meters to 1400 meters.
  • Thanks to the variety of terrain available here, you can go to the runs you feel most comfortable with.
Alpine Heli-Skiing Experience in Ikizdere
Alpine Heli-Skiing, Ikizdere, Rize