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Ilgaz Mountain National Park

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Mount Ilgaz National Park

Ilgaz Mountain National Park is a natural wonder covered with forests. The Mount Ilgaz not only has a rich and dense flora, it also shelters a large number of wild animals. The national park is situated within the boundaries of Cankiri and Kastamonu.

Ilgaz Mountain National Park

Ilgaz Mountain National Park is located within the boundaries of the provinces of Cankiri and Kastamonu in the Black Sea region of Turkey.

Ilgaz Mountain National Park has a forest that is dominated by coniferous trees. Larch, juniper, black pine, Scotch pine and fir tree species cover almost all of the mountain. The high annual rainfall, plus the large amount of plant cover, has made this an area with much wildlife, including roe deer, wild boar, wolves, bears and foxes.

Ilgaz Mountain National Park, especially the northern slopes, are covered with dense forestry. The popular name of the forestry around Ilgaz Mountain is sea of trees. It is possible to see the diversity of the landscape, geological and geomorphological formations, formed by the majestic forests.

Mount Ilgaz Winter Sports

In winter, Mount Ilgaz attracts winter sports and ski enthusiasts, while in summer people come here for trekking and camping.

The area is becoming an increasingly winter sports center, has the nearest facilities to Ankara. Mount Ilgaz has three ski runs of 750, 1000 and 1500 meters. It has a 1000 meter chair lift and a 750 meter baby lift. Its modern accommodations make Mount Ilgaz an ideal place for those who are keen on winter sports.

Visitors are allowed to fish in the trout farm and ponds in Baldiran Valley between 15 June and 15 September, as well as buying fish from the farm.

National Park Profile

  • Natural old forests
  • Exploring rich flora
  • Mountain and winter sports
  • Hiking, trekking, camping

Ilgaz Mountain National Park, announced in 1976 as a national park, covers of 1.118 hectares. The park can be reached via the Cankiri - Kastamonu highway.

Ilgaz Mountain National Park, Turkey

Ilgaz Ski Resort, Ilgaz, Kastamonu