Ilica Waterfall

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Secret Beauty of the Black Sea

One of the hidden beauty of the Black Sea, Ilica Waterfall has a rare appearance with the natural pool formed where the water flows and the various vegetation around it. With its unique beauties, the waterfall is one of the natural values of Turkey.

Ilica Waterfall

Ilica Waterfall, which is 12 km away from Pinarbasi, on the borders of Ilica Village, is poured from a height of 15 m. The waterfall, the natural pool where the water is poured and its surroundings have an exotic appearance covered with various vegetation.

Located in the steep Kure Mountains, the magnificent waterfalls contribute to the stunning wild beauty of this great mountain. Ilica Waterfall, which is the most well known of these waterfalls, is a nature attraction for local people and tourists.

With its delightful landscape and beautiful emerald colour, the waterfall falls from about a height for 15 m and forms an amazing pool. The importance of this waterfall is because of the variety of trees and plants surrounding the pool. The holes in the rocks eroded by the water in a long period of time are another nice view when the upper path of the waterfall followed.

What to Do

Ilica Waterfall is just like a paradise on earth that offers a wonderful nature, lush green areas and gorgeous views to those who come to visit it.

This place is a perfect getaway for travelers, especially in the summer and spring months. Ilica Waterfall, which is a route where you can have a pleasant time with your family or friends, is a very refreshing option for camp lovers. Whether you have a picnic or just a walk, you can enjoy the nature right here. Don't forget to bring your swimsuit with you for swimming in the natural pool of the waterfall.

If you are planning to travel to the west part of Black Sea, you should definitely see this beautiful waterfall.

Geographical Information

Ilica Waterfall is in the limits of Ilica Village and 12 km far away from Pinarbasi. The walk from the village to the waterfall takes half an hour.

Please see the geographical informations below;

  • Region: Black Sea
  • Province: Kastamonu
  • Town: Pinarbasi
  • Village: Ilica
Secret Beauty of the Black Sea
Ilica Waterfall, Pinarbasi, Kastamonu