Ilisu Waterfall

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Gulnar Ilisu Waterfall

Ilisu Waterfall, which is among the natural beauties of Mersin, offers an unforgettable sightseeing trip to visitors. The waterfall is just 3 km south east of the village of Ilisu in Gulnar district.

Ilisu Waterfall

One of the beautiful waterfalls in Turkey, Ilisu Waterfall is 3 km away from the village of Ilisu. Local people say that the rocky mountain was divided into two respecting the power of water while exhibiting a marvelous scenery.

Ilisu Waterfall falls from a height of building for about 10 stories. Water that falls through the narrow rocks gets wider while falling down and creates amazing colours like rainbow. It also creates a water cloud 5 m in height where it falls. This magnificent view turns into a stream flowing through the forest.

If you want to listen to nature's voice in an eye-catching region, Ilisu Waterfall will definitely be an unforgettable trip for you.

What to Do

Ilisu Waterfall is located in the village of Ilisu in Gulnar district of Mersin province. It pours from a height of 70 m and creates an incredible view with its high flow. Just hearing the sounds of the waters will be enough to rest your soul. Ilisu Waterfall is one of the frequented places for those who want to escape from sweltering heat of the summer. You can also take beautiful nature photos around the waterfall, which is a natural wonder in the greenery.

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Geographical Information

Situated in the district of Gulnar, Ilisu Waterfall offers an unforgettable sightseeing trip to nature lovers.

Please see the geographical informations below;

  • Region: Mediterranean
  • Province: Mersin
  • Town: Gulnar
Gulnar Ilisu Waterfall
Ilisu Waterfall, Gulnar, Mersin