Ishak Pasha Palace

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Unique Architectural Example

Ishak Pasha Palace, which is one of the many fascinating spots in Agri, is among the most distinctive examples of 18th century Ottoman architecture. It was accepted into UNESCO's Tentative List in 2000.

Ishak Pasha Palace

Standing on top of a hill like an eagle's nest, Ishak Pasha Palace looks right out of a folk tale. One of the stunning examples of Ottoman architecture, this well preserved marvel blends Western elegance with Eastern mysticism.

Ishak Pasha Palace boasts fot its very unique baroque and rococo styles of architecture, highly visible Seljuk Turk influence, and also ample evidence of local motifs. The construction of this palace which belongs to the Ottoman era was started in 1685 by Colak Abdi Pasha of the Cildirogullari, the bey of Beyazit province. The palace was opened in 1784 and includes many intriguing sections such as the dungeons, bakery, a mausoleum, and an ammunition room.

The palace is a great place to watch the sunset.

Just past the palace complex are a mosque and citadel that are believed to date back to the Urartian period.

Legend: The legendary love story of Kerem and Asli is thought to have taken place in the Monk's Vineyard on the way to the Ishak Pasha Palace.

Architectural Style

Ishak Pasha Palace, which is situated on a high and vast platform of strategic importance on an area of 7600 sqm, is a mixture of Seljuk, Ottoman, Georgian, Persian and Armenian architectural tradition. The traditional model used in the construction of the Royal Palaces in the capital cities like Bursa, Edirne and Istanbul was taken as an example in the design of Ishak Pasha Palace. The western influence in Ottoman architecture during the post classical period can be observed in Ishak Pasha Palace.


A gold plated door that used to provide access to the palace's first courtyard was removed by the Russians and taken to the Hermitage Museum in Petersburg. Right beside the door stood a fountain intended to offer refreshment to tired and thirsty visitors. Access to the second courtyard with its harem (women's quarters) and selamlik (men's quarters), was only granted to family members and special quests.

UNESCO Tentative List

Ishak Pasha Palace, which is one of the many fascinating spots in Agri, was added to UNESCO Tentative List in 2000. It is among the outstanding universal values of Turkey.

  • Official Name: Ishak Pasha Palace
  • Date of Submission: 2000
  • Category: Cultural
  • Reference: 1410
  • Location: Agri, Turkey
Unique Architectural Example
Ishak Pasha Palace, Dogubeyazit, Agri