Kackar Mountain Trails of Turkey

Discover Turkey and its green mountain trails

Trekking in Turkey's Black Sea Mountains

Kackar Mountain Trails are thirty five days of trekking and walking routes between Camlihemsin and Yusufeli in the Black Sea region of Turkey. 32 linked trekking routes, totaling about 500 km and taking 35 days.

Kackar Mountain Trails

Kackar Mountain Trails are trekking and mountaineering routes in Turkey's Eastern Black Sea region. 8 long hiking trails, which cross the passes of the main range of the Kackar, have been cleared, cairned and mapped. Each path is ranging from 3 to 6 days long. 7 day walks around the Hevek Valley are waymarked and signed. These routes have over 30 days trekking time in total. Only the daywalks are waymarked; longer routes are marked with cairns.

The longer trails climb above the timberline, at about 2100 m, so have superb views; others run between villages through fir and pine forest and along whitewater rivers. Some routes are steep and very rocky.

The most popular trail is the climb of Mount Kackar at nearly 4000 m. There is accommodation in larger villages, plenty of water and many wild camp areas near the glacial lakes.

Highlights of the Kackar

Dotted with 10th century Georgian churches and little chapels, Kackar Mountains have a long and fascinating history.

Stretching along the Black Sea coast in extreme northeastern Turkey, the Kackar is one of the most beautiful areas of the world in terms of biodiversity. It has huge areas of mature evergreen forest, upland pastures full of herds of bulls, three glaciers and many glacial lakes as well as sharp basalt peaks and spires.

Beautiful villages, traditional wooden and stone houses, green forests, plateaus, pastures, roaring streams and of course the national park of Kackar Mountains are spectacular areas for trekking lovers.

  • Climbing the Kackar Mountain, Turkey's 4th highest mount.
  • Rafting and canoeing on the rivers of Firtina and Coruh.
  • Watching the magnificent landscape of the Black Sea region.
  • Exploring the highly endemic flora and rare animals.
  • Sharing village life and tasting local cuisine.
  • Taking part of Kafkasor bullfighting festival.
  • Trekking the passes and peaks of northeastern Turkey.

Responsibilities: Please fulfill some responsibilities while trekking and mountaineering in Turkey. Protect and respect the wildlife, plants and trees. Guard against all risks of fire. Take your rubbish with you.

Trekking in Turkey's Black Sea Mountains
Kackar Mountains, Eastern Black Sea