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Kapidag Peninsula

Discover Balikesir, home of Kapidag Peninsula


A Corner from Paradise, Kapidag

Kapidag, located within the borders of Balikesir province of Turkey, is a peninsula in shape of triangle having average 300 square kilometres space in middle of south coast of Marmara Sea. It is famous for its nature, olive oil and chestnut.

Kapidag Peninsula

Kapidag Peninsula, which is one of the special places of Marmara Region, offers unbelievably beautiful sights to travelers with its authentic lovely villages, ancient history, rich flora, lush forests, small waterfalls, natural beaches and secluded coves. Surrounded by the islands of Marmara, Avsa and Pasalimani, the peninsula is a must-visit spot for every traveler passing through Balikesir and also a popular weekend getaway paradise for those who want to take a breath away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

In the northern and western parts of Kapidag Peninsula there are mountains with a height of 700-800 metres. It is an area rich in water resources. The oldest known settlement in the region is ancient Kyzikos.

Erdek Gulf is on the west side where the peninsula meets land and Bandirma Gulf is on the east side where the peninsula meets land. Kapidag Peninsula is an example of tombolo in terms of formation.

Discovery Opportunities of Kapidag

Activities: With its great nature opportunities, Kapidag Peninsula is a paradise for active travel lovers. You can take a daily boat trip around the peninsula or you can join clubs for trekking, camping, mountain biking, windsurfing, safari and atv tours that are a little more exciting to discover the unique nature of Kapidag.

Cultural Tours: If you prefer the cultural tours then you can visit the mysterious Kirazli Monastery, Kyzikos Ancient City and Manyas Bird Sanctuary.

Sea and Sun: There are many small and big coves around Kapidag for you to enjoy the sea. The eastern coasts of the peninsula provide several accommodation options for those who want to stay at night.

Don't Leave Without

  • Visiting the ancient city of Kyzikos,
  • Seeing the Kirazli Monastery
  • Buying local red onions
  • Tasting flour cookie, chestnut, olive oil and fresh fish
  • Joining the outdoor activities
  • Going to the villages of Kapidag

Kapidag Peninsula, Turkey

Kapidag Peninsula, Balikesir