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Kapuzbasi Waterfall

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Kapuzbasi Waterfall

Kapuzbasi Waterfall in Aladaglar National Park is among Turkey's most unusual, the seven waterfalls spurt right from a solid rock cliff face. This waterfall is just like a wonder of nature.

Kapuzbasi Waterfall

Kapuzbasi Waterfall is a natural area under protection where seven of falls are formed near Kapuzbasi Village, 76 km from Yahyali town of Kayseri province in Turkey.

Kapuzbasi Waterfall can be seen through the region, which is 2.000 m height from the sea level. Gorgeous waterfall falls from 75 m at some points flow into the Seyhan River joining into Zamanti Stream together with Aladag and Aksu Creek.

Yesilkoy Waterfall and Derebag Waterfall 10 km to the region as well.

Geographical Information

Country: Turkey
Region: Central Anatolia
Province: Kayseri
Village: Kapuzbasi

What to Do

Visitors are amazed that impressive scene of deafeningly flowing waterfalls. The region allows hunting, mountaineering and fresh water fishing.

Many travelers camp around the waterfall whether climbing up Aladaglar takes four hours and down two hours.

Kapuzbasi Waterfall, Turkey

Kapuzbasi Waterfall, Kayseri