Kaunos Ancient City

Discover Mugla and visit ancient Kaunos

Ancient City of Kaunos

Kaunos, the ancient city born of forbidden love, one of Turkey's oldest and significant settlements, is located in the southwest part of our country. The ancient city of Kaunos is famous for its rock tombs, 5000 seat theatre, public bath and temple.


Kaunos Ancient City is located a few km west of the modern town of Dalyan in Mugla province. It was founded by Caunos who was the son of Miletos in the 10th century BC. Also, Kaunos was an important port city known for its salt production and commerce in ancient times. While wandering among the reeds on a boat in Dalyan, the remains of an attractive archaeological site rise behind the rock tombs with all its magnificence. When one visits this Carian settlemet, places to be seen include the gorgeous rock tombs, as well as 3 km long walls, the agora, the stoa, church, the fountain in the square, temples and the acropolis next to the bathhouse. These admirable ancient sites still preserve their liveliness in Kaunos.

UNESCO Tentative List

Archaeological Site of Kaunos, which is included on the UNESCO Tentative List in 2014, is one of the outstanding universal values of Turkey.

  • Official Name: Ancient City of Kaunos
  • Architectural Type: Ancient City
  • Date of Submission: 2014
  • Category: Cultural
  • Reference: 5906
  • Location: Mugla, Turkey

Ancient Ruins of Kaunos

Journey to 3000 years ago in Kaunos Ancient City. With its magnificent rock tombs, 5000 seat theater, basilica, bathhouse, agora and the sacred temple, this place makes its visitors almost travel in history.

Lycian King Tombs: On the northern side of the Kaunos Ancient City, the King tombs carved into the steep rocks are another attraction for the visitors. These rock tombs which were carved in 4th century BC, are the symbol of Dalyan. Together with the biggest tomb which was not completed for some reason, the total of six King tombs glamorize the visitors.

Ancient Theatre: The ancient theatre is one of the most breathtaking structures of the Kaunos Ancient City. Placed in the western slope of the acropolis and possessing minimum 5000 seats, the theatre is an example of the Hellenistic architecture. Its eastern part is carved into the rock.

Domed Church: The church is one of the oldest and the best preserved examples of its type in Anatolia. It is almost in square shape.

Roman Bath: The bath is one of the best preserved among the bath buildings of the imperial time. It was designed as two major complexes on the same axle in southwest and northeast direction.

Terrace Temple and Circular Altar: The city was constructed on terraces and significant religious structures like Basileus Kaunios Temple, Apollon Sanctuary and Demeter Sacred Place are situated on one side. The circular altar on the terrace sanctuary at Kaunos, maybe sacred to the Basileus Kaunios.

Archaeological Site of Kaunos, Mugla
Kaunos Amphitheatre, Dalyan, Mugla