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Kazdagi National Park

Discover Balikesir, home of Mount Ida


Mount Ida National Park

The beautiful Kazdagi (Mount Ida) National Park is attractive with its magnificent landscapes, restful green areas and several hot springs. In this national park, you can feel the beauties of nature and the mythological stories together.

Kazdagi National Park

Kazdagi National Park is located within Balikesir province in the Marmara region of Turkey. Kazdagi has been declared as a national park in 1994. The national park covers an area of 21.450 hectares, and promises a healthy life.

Kazdagi National Park has 900 plant species from 101 families which are registered. There are at least 68 rare plants special to Turkey and 23 of them are endemic to the national park. The most important animal species live in the park are bear, wild boar, wolf, roe deer, fox, badger and marten.

With its natural resources, different types of forests, valleys and waterfalls, Kazdagi National Park is just like a paradise for nature lovers. There are some attractive and enjoyable activities such as trekking in the forest, mountain biking, jeep safari, horse riding, peak climbing, swimming in rivers.

Mount Ida

Mount Ida (Kazdagi) is the highest mountain of Biga Peninsula which separates the Aegean and Marmara regions of Turkey.

With its rich flora and fauna, historical ruins and green nature, Mount Ida is not only one of the unique beauties of Edremit and Balikesir but also one of the exceptional beauties in the world. The mountain is famous for its Legend of Mount Ida in mythological time.

National Park Profile

Kazdagi National Park is situated 15 km away from Edremit town and 105 km away from Balikesir province of Turkey.

The basic landscape items of the Mount Ida National Park;

  • Gulf of Edremit
  • Alternative holiday for nature lovers
  • Nature photography in autumn
  • Rich flora and fauna
  • Mount Ida Science and Health House

Mount Ida National Park, Balikesir

Kazdagi National Park, Edremit, Balikesir