Kovada Lake National Park

Discover Isparta and visit spectacular Kovada

Turkey's Spectacular Lake

Kovada Lake National Park is situated 29 km south of Egirdir district of Isparta. The national park, which is a beautiful place to enjoy Turkey's natural beauty, is famous for its turquoise coloured lake, rich flora and wildlife across a 6551 hectares area.

Kovada National Park

Kovada Lake and its surroundings have been declared as a national park in 1970 and taken under protection. The national park covers of 6551 hectares area.

The lake is a geologically karstic area, known for its turquoise blue waters as it is in Egirdir Lake and Beysehir Lake. Red pine, endemic Kasnak oak and plane trees, are the main tree species of the Kovada Lake National Park. The national park is rich in herbaceous plants, also has aquatic fauna species of carp and lobster. Wild animals such as fox, marten, wild boar, rabbit, squirrel, hedgehog and songbirds live in the national park.

Kovada Lake National Park, which the local people use for recreation, draws attention in terms of landscape values. There is no accommodation available. The area is popular for trekking, climbing, camping and caravanning.

Kovada Lake

Kovada Lake is a popular place for visitors with its extraordinary natural beauty as well as many plant and living species. This isolated mountain lake in the Taurus highlands is surrounded by impressive forests of cedar, fir and very plentiful plant cover. Being a peaceful habitat for wild ducks and other animals, the lake is an important spot for bird watchers as well.

Kovada Lake gives the visitors an opportunity to get to know the forest ecosystem, and offers a visual feast with a riot of colours in autumn.

National Park Profile

Kovada Lake National Park is located 29 km south of Egirdir district, within the boundaries of Isparta province in the Mediterranean region of Turkey.

The basic highlights of the national park;

  • Breathtaking flora and fauna.
  • Spectacular panorama of forest and lake.
  • Trekking, climbing, hiking, camping and angling.
  • Getting to know the forest ecosystem.
  • Watching the riot of colours in autumn.
Turkey's Spectacular Lake
Kovada National Park, Egirdir, Isparta