Kure Mountains National Park

Discover Kastamonu and visit gorgeous Kure

Turkey's First Pan Park

Kure Mountains National Park is located within the boundaries of the provinces of Kastamonu and Bartin in the Black Sea region. The national park, which is a gift from Turkey to the earth, is the first PAN Parks certified protected area in our country.

Kure Mountains

Kure Mountains National Park, which is globally important place for the nature conservation, covers an area of 37.753 hectares. Kure Mountains extend approximately 300 km until Kizilirmak River along starting with Bartin River in the west.

The national park is a gift from Turkey to the earth with its untouched forests, wildlife, endemic plant species, caves, canyons, waterfalls, geological features, traditional life and architecture. There are nearly 100 caves in the region, exact location is mapped. According to experts, this area is a national park of caves and canyons.

Kure Mountains National Park borders have been designated with a participatory approach. There are nearly 120 villages in the buffer zone. This buffer zone is unique for Turkey and is the most important tool for protection and effective management of the national park. To protect the nature and traditional lifestyle for sustainability, state institutions have been working in collaboration with non-governmental organizations and local people. With its buffer zone and participation level of local people in nature protection, Kure Mountains National Park is one of the most successful examples of nature protection and natural resource management in Turkey.

National Park Profile

Biodiversity Hotspot: Kure Mountains National Park is one of the 9 forest hotspots in Turkey with its wildlife, geological features, natural landscape and cultural values. Since 2000, it is one of the 44 national parks in Turkey's protected area system. In and around the national park, there are 930 plant taxa, 129 birds, 48 mammals, 8 reptiles and 9 amphibians.

World Wide Fund for Nature: WWF is one of the most important supporters of Kure Mountains National Park. The area, which was declared as a national park in 2000, is one of the world's priority areas in protection.

PAN Parks: The PAN Parks Foundation is a non-governmental organisation that aimed to protect Europe's wildernesses. Kure Mountains National Park is the first PAN Parks certified protected area of Turkey. The national park is also considered to be one of Europe's 100 Forest Hotspots that need to be protected given the presence of rare, endangered and vulnerable ecosystems.

The basic highlights of the national park;

  • Exploring the rich biodiversity and wildlife.
  • Geological and geomorphological formations.
  • Experiencing the traditional lifestyle and architecture.
  • Valla Canyon, Horma Canyon, Ilgarini Cave, Aydos Canyon, Ilica Waterfall.
  • Discovering great hiking and trekking routes.
Turkey's First PAN Park
Valla Canyon, Kure, Kastamonu