Legendary Blue Voyages on the Sea

Discover Turkey and lose yourself in the blue

Experience the Blue Voyage

The blue voyage is a type of sea tourism special to Turkey. You can definitely find a legendary blue voyage tour for yourself out of the options suited to every budget and taste while you are traveling along Turkey's coastline.

Losing Yourself in the Blue

The amazingly beautiful bays lined up along the Mediterranean and Aegean Coasts, the hidden paradises that can only be reached by the sea, the hospitality of the Anatolian people, the unique antique cities and of course, the pleasure of being on the sea, are the main elements that make the blue voyage so special.

Those who wish to discover the bays that are wonders of nature and spend their vacation intermingling with the sea, nature and history, prefere the blue voyage in Turkey.

In Turkey, there are many blue voyage alternatives depending on your preference, you may experience the beauties of the Aegean and Mediterranean on a boat you can charter.

  • Special Tours
  • Cabin Rentals
  • Mini Blue Voyage
  • Hiking Oriented Tours
  • Chartering a Bareboat

Magical Blue Cruise

Traditional Turkish Gulets: The tours that attract ever greater attention from the past to the present each year, are made on gulets since the beginning. The gulets that can accommodate 14-16 persons at the most, are products of traditional wood and hand works. The blue voyage made on the traditional Turkish gulets is a form of vacation particular to the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts.

Activities: The participants of the blue voyage start their days with the first lights of the morning. The day that starts out with a swim first and a breakfast later, continues with a hike in the nature and the archaeological excursions included in the daily program, following a few hours of sailing. Also you may stay on the yacht and read a book or take some sun. Those who like to be more active may participate in various water sports such as swimming, rowing, diving, fishing, jet skiing or water skiing.

Best Seasons: The period between end of July and early September is the hottest months of the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. As the demand is high in that period, the prices are also increased. The weather becomes more suitable for voyage from June to mid-July and by the first week of September.

Those who select May and October should expect to encounter cool weather. Although the seawater is not warm enough in May, it retains its warmth in October, or even until mid-December.

Routes: The itinerary of the blue voyage covers approximately 1700 km long coastline from Mersin to Canakkale.

Experience the Blue Voyage
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