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Letoon Ancient City

Discover Mugla, home of Letoon archaeological site


Ancient City of Letoon

Letoon Ancient City is located near the town of Fethiye in Mugla. Letoon, the sacred cult center of Lycia was one of the most important religious centers of the ancient world.

Letoon Archaeological Site

Letoon Ancient City, which was discovered in 1840, today a sacred cult center in the World Heritage List of UNESCO. The archaeological values of the Lycian cultic center of Letoon make it very important part of ancient history.

Letoon was not just a place where national festivities took place but also where all religious and political decisions of the rulers were declared to the public in written form. The ancient city of Letoon includes the stone inscriptions on which the longest and the most important scripts in Lycian language are written. The famous trilingual inscription, found in 1973, is a rare finding in the world of ancient civilizations.

There are also a 36-row theatre, a basilica, inscription tablets, three temples, a round portico attached to the cult building of the empire and an L shaped stoa.

Today, sacred cult center, Letoon is considered as the only place in the world, dedicated to Goddess Leto.

Temples of Letoon

Leto Temple: The largest temple is the Leto Temple built on the west side in peripteros style.

Apollo Temple: The Apollo Temple in the Doric style is on the east side. The Apollo Temple looks exactly like the houses depicted in the Lycian tombs. The foundation remains are noteworthy since they have a timber structure.

Artemis Temple: The smaller Artemis Temple is situated between the other two temples.

Unesco World Heritage

Letoon Ancient City was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List together with Xanthos in 1988, was one of the most prominent religious centers in antiquity.

UNESCO Identity Card:
Official Name: Letoon
Architectural Type: Sanctuary
Date added to Unesco: 1988
Type: Cultural
Reference: 484
Location: Mugla, Turkey

Letoon Archaeological Site, Turkey

Ancient City of Letoon, Fethiye, Mugla