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Maral Waterfall

Discover Artvin, home of Maral waterfall


Borcka Maral Waterfall

Maral Waterfall is located in Borcka town of Artvin province in the Black Sea Region of Turkey. The waterfall is just like one of the parts of heaven on earth. Maral Waterfall is one of the most remarkable natural wonders of the Black Sea.

Maral Waterfall

Maral Waterfall is situated at the northwestern of Karcal Mountains in Turkey. The waterfall, formed on Maral Creek, is administratively within Maral village borders, Borcka, Artvin.

Maral Waterfall located in Macahel Valley, one of the parts of heaven on earth. The most distinctive feature of the waterfall is that water falls from 63 meters directly from a knick point. The water pouring meters high, creating a lake sized swim. The waterfall may contribute to the economy of the region as a center of eco tourism if regulations are made for protection, advertisement and utilization.

Geographical Information

Country: Turkey
Region: Black Sea
Province: Artvin
Town: Borcka

Biosphere Reserve Protection Area

Maral Waterfall, studied through travel observation and interview method, exhibits the characteristics of plunge or vertical types in the world waterfall database.

Being within Biosphere Reserve Protection Area decided by UNESCO, the waterfall is a hydro geomorphologic formation that could take place in World Natural Heritage.

Maral Waterfall, Turkey

Maral Waterfall, Borcka, Artvin