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Maritime Museums in Turkey

Discover Turkey, home of maritime museums


Turkey's Maritime Museums

Turkey has seven maritime and naval museums located in Istanbul, Mersin, Izmir, Canakkale, Iskenderun and Bodrum, which are waiting for you to visit. Also Istanbul Naval Museum is one of the most important naval museums in the world.

Istanbul Naval Museum

Istanbul Naval Museum is the largest and most outstanding one of its kind in Turkey, and also one of the world's leading naval museums. The museum contains an important collection of both maritime and military artifacts pertaining to the Ottoman Navy. It is situated in Besiktas next to the public square commemorated to the famous Ottoman admiral Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha.

Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology

This museum is one of the most important underwater archaeology museums in the world, and situated in Bodrum Castle. Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology is not just a dusty collection of lifeless relics, it is an original, creative and exciting experience. The museum contains 14 exhibition halls, and is one of the most popular places to visit in Bodrum.

Other Naval Museums

Iskenderun Naval Museum: Iskenderun Naval Museum is Turkey's third naval museum. At the museum, works and objects are exhibited from the Ottoman Navy and Turkish Navy.

Mersin Naval Museum: Mersin Naval Museum is the fourth naval museum in Turkey dedicated to maritime culture. Its total area is 8.044 square metres.

Inciralti Sea Museum: Inciralti Sea Museum is a naval museum, exhibits objects reflecting the social historical and economic developments of marine.

Canakkale Naval Museum: Canakkale Naval Museum is a small military museum containing exhibits on the Gallipoli battles and some war relics. If you would like to experience Canakkale Victory again then come and visit the Canakkale Naval Museum.

Bodrum Maritime Museum: Bodrum Maritime Museum displays miniature models, boats and rich collection of seashells. The museum also has an authentic bazaar for visitors. This is the place where you can see the traces of local marine history.

Maritime Museums in Turkey

Istanbul Naval Museum, Istanbul