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Marmaris National Park

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Marmaris National Park is the most visited nature area in Turkey, attracts almost 1.6 million visitors every year. This area is located within the borders of Mugla province in the Aegean Region of Turkey, was declared as a national park in 1996.

Marmaris National Park

Marmaris National Park is 34.000 hectares in area, and was officially announced in 1996, with the main aim of establishing an organization balancing protection and use within its status as a national park of the natural, cultural and recreational resources of this exceptionally beautiful landscape for today and the future.

Within the scope of its main aim as a national park, some wildlife survival areas are planned because of the important wildlife potential offered by the national park's most virgin areas; Cennet Island, Keci Island and Bedir Island.

In the national park, there are some archaeological remains such as Marmaris Castle, Amos Ruins, Physkos Ancient City, Gavur Sanjak, Nimara Island, old villages and monasteries.

Flora and Fauna

Marmaris National Park is famous with its alga smelling and plenty of oxygen air.

Flora: 514 plant taxons have been identified in the national park, of which 53 are endemic to the region. Some of these endemics are widespread, but others have only a weak local distribution.

Fauna: Marmaris National Park provides the opportunity to protect the endemic life and other wild animals. The most important of these are the wild goat, wild boar, red falcon, lynx, bear and songbirds.

National Park Profile

  • Turkish pine, eucalyptus, sweet gum, stone pine, cypress
  • Orienteering, paintball, mud racing, biking, triathlon
  • Botanical tours, observation tours, diving tours, fishing tours
  • Beaches, geology, recreation areas

Marmaris National Park also offers walking and climbing routes inside the forest for nature lovers, which want to visit Mugla.

Marmaris National Park, Turkey

Marmaris National Park, Mugla