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Muradiye Waterfall

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Fascinating Muradiye Waterfall

Muradiye Waterfall is located on the Van - Dogubeyazit highway, a natural wonder often visited by area residents. The waterfall is a fascinating water tale that you mustn't miss in Van.

Natural Beauty of Van

In addition to its historical richness, Van is also a paradise of natural beauties such as the Muradiye Waterfall.

Taking in the magnificent view of the Muradiye Waterfall, located 80 km from the city center, you can get refreshed as you listen to the burbling waterfall and spend a joyful day in the picnic areas. Public facilities are available and the scenery is superb.

Muradiye Waterfall

Muradiye Waterfall is signed on the west side of the main Dogubeyazit road, some 20 km north of the junction with the road from Tatvan and past the village of Muradiye.

The road to Muradiye offers some really good views of Lake Van and mount Suphan as well as patches of lush pasture, thanks to the irrigation systems in place.

A quite large waterfall, usually getting frozen in winter. Muradiye Waterfall offers beautiful scenes both in summer and winter. There is a small forest area close to the waterfall which provides shade during the summer months.

Muradiye Waterfall, Turkey

Muradiye Waterfall, Muradiye, Van