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Museums and Galleries

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Turkish Museums and Galleries

Turkey has a great number of world's glorious museums and art galleries for you to visit. Turkey's private and state museum directorates are attached to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. A great number of museums in Turkey display the wealth and history unearthed.

Mosaic Museums of Turkey

Mosaic Museums

Museum Gallery

Turkey's Mosaic Museums

If you believe that the valuable things come in small parcels then be sure to visit the mosaic museums in Turkey. Also two of these mosaic museums are still the world's largest mosaic museums.

Mosaic Museums in Turkey
Olive Oil Museums in Turkey

Olive Oil Museums

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Turkey's Olive Oil Museums

Turkey has great olive oil museums worth to visit. These museums are formed to reflect the connection of olive and olive oil culture of the Anatolian and Mediterranean history. This is the full list of Turkish olive and olive oil museums.

Turkish Olive Oil Museums
Maritime Museums of Turkey

Maritime Museums

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Turkey's Maritime Museums

Turkey has seven maritime and naval museums located in Istanbul, Mersin, Izmir, Canakkale, Iskenderun and Bodrum, which are waiting for you to visit. Also Istanbul Naval Museum is one of the most important naval museums in the world.

Maritime Museums in Turkey
History Museums of Turkey

History Museums

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Turkish History Museums

You can visit various history museums in Turkey, dedicated to history of nature, industry, transport and communications. Some of the most popular ones are the MTA Natural History Museum, Rahmi Koc Museum, Hisart Living History and Diorama Museum.

History Museums in Turkey
Railway Museums of Turkey

Railway Museums

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Turkish Train Museums

Turkey has some good railway museums worth to visit for art lovers and train enthusiasts. Most of these train museums are sponsored by Turkish State Railways and display steam locomotives. This is the list of 6 best Turkish railway museums.

Railway Museums in Turkey

Most Visited Museums

Turkey's best museums and fine art galleries have been voted by the visitors in the country.

Top 10 Most Visited Museums of Turkey

Top 10 Most Visited Museums

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Turkey's Most Visited Museums

Visit a museum you are unlikely to find anywhere else in the world. Top 10 most visited state and private museums attached to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Turkey. Here is the list of the most visited Turkish museums.

Top 10 Most Visited Museums
Top 10 Modern Art Galleries in Turkey

Top 10 Modern Art Galleries

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Turkey's Best Art Galleries

Turkey's numerous fine art galleries offer a wide range of art and cultural events. If you are an art lover, you will not want to miss the impressive art galleries in Turkey.

Top 10 Modern Art Galleries