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Muslim Sacred Sites in Turkey

Discover Turkey, home of Muslim holy sites


Turkey's Muslim Sacred Places

Turkey is attracting a growing number of visitors interested in exploring its Islamic holy sites. When you visit to Turkey you will find plenty of Muslim sacred sites, mosques, complexes, tombs and madrasas to see.

Turkish Muslim Population

The majority of the Turkish population is Muslim. As Muslim country, Turkey is the only secular country in the world.

The mosques and other sacred sites are the heart of cultural significance for Muslims, and if you feel the need to enter one, you should show proper respect for the traditions.

Turkey's Holy Sites for Islam

Turkey is famous for its holy mosques and Ottoman architecture. Dominating an empire for close to 500 years, the Ottoman Sultans realized the importance of these sacred sites of all faith and preserved and protected them.

Turkey has a rich heritage of religious and civil architecture, of mosques and tombs and of sites of faith. Now it is time for you to come to Turkey for inspiration in these holy lands.

Muslim Sacred Places

Turkey has a rich cultural and religious heritage. Here is a list of Turkey's largest and most beautiful mosques, which includes some world renowned sacred sites, tombs and madrasas for Muslim people as well.

Some of the most well-known Islamic sacred places in Istanbul: Topkapi Palace Holy Relics, Eyup Sultan Mosque and Tomb, Suleymaniye Mosque, Blue Mosque, New Mosque, Rustem Pasha Mosque, Fatih Mosque, Sehzade Mosque, Ortakoy Mosque, Beyazit Mosque, Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Mosque.

Edirne: Selimiye Mosque and its Social Complex, Sultan Bayezid Complex, Old Mosque.
Konya: Mevlana Celaleddin i-Rumi Museum, Alaeddin Mosque, Karatay Madrasa, Esrefoglu Mosque.
Bursa: Grand Mosque, Muradiye Complex, Green Mosque and Tomb.
Sivas: Great Mosque and Hospital of Divrigi, Gok Madrasa, Twin Minaret Mosque, Sifaiye Madrasa.
Sanliurfa: Halilur Rahman Mosque, The Prophet Eyub's Tomb.

Other Holy Sites: Haci Bayram Mosque (Ankara), Fluted Minaret Mosque (Antalya), Grand Mosque (Diyarbakir), Twin Minaret Madrasa (Erzurum), Seyyid Battal Gazi Complex (Eskisehir), Sarayburnu Mosque (Giresun), Habib-i Neccar Mosque (Hatay), Hisar Mosque (Izmir), Cave of Seven Sleepers (Kahramanmaras), Nasrullah Mosque (Kastamonu), Sultan Mosque (Manisa), Grand Mosque (Mardin), Haci Bektas Veli Complex (Nevsehir), Alaeddin Mosque (Sinop), Gulbahar Hatun Tomb and Mosque (Trabzon), Husrev Pasha Mosque (Van).

Islamic Sacred Sites in Turkey

Selimiye Mosque Dome, Edirne