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National Parks in Turkey

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Turkey's Official National Parks

Turkey has 43 official national parks to safeguard the rich variety of Turkey's natural heritage, for nature's sake, for our own and for future generations. General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks is responsible to protect the nature and wild life.

National Parks

Turkey has 43 official national parks. From underwater wonders to high mountainous areas and ancient historical places, these parks offer a variety of landscapes and a wide range of exciting outdoors experiences to visitors.

National parks are particularly important for species that need relatively large and undisturbed areas to survive, such as wild reindeer, predators and birds of prey. Many of these are at great risk from human intervention and some are even threatened with extinction. Turkey has an international responsibility to look after endangered species and their habitats.

3 Picturesque National Parks

Goreme: Goreme National Park and the Rock Sites of Cappadocia and its surroundings are one of the most mysterious and extraordinary natural landscapes in the world.

Kackar Mountains: The whole of the Kackar Range constitutes the beautiful Kackar Mountains National Park. This emerald range is one of the best point in Turkey for ecotourism and nature lovers.

Dilek Peninsula: Dilek Peninsula National Park is among the most important natural heritages of Turkey, located in the province of Aydin of the Aegean region, Turkey.

Turkish National Parks

Aegean: Baskomutan Historical National Park, Dilek Peninsula National Park, Marmaris National Park, Mount Honaz National Park, Saklikent National Park, Spil Mountain National Park.

Mediterranean: Altinbesik Cave National Park, Beydaglari Coast National Park, Karatepe Aslantas National Park, Kizildag National Park, Kovada Lake National Park, Koprulu Canyon National Park, Gulluk Mountain National Park, Yumurtalik Lagoon National Park.

Black Sea: Altindere Valley National Park, Hatila Valley National Park, Ilgaz Mountain National Park, Kackar Mountains National Park, Karagol Sahara National Park, Kure Mountains National Park, Yedigoller National Park.

Marmara: Bird Paradise National Park, Gala Lake National Park, Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park, Igneada Longoz Forest National Park, Kazdagi National Park, Troya Historical National Park, Uludag National Park.

Central Anatolia: Aladaglar National Park, Beysehir Lake National Park, Battle of Sakarya Historical National Park, Bogazkoy Alacahoyuk National Park, Goreme Historical National Park, Soguksu National Park, Sultan Marshes National Park, Yozgat Pine Grove National Park.

Eastern Anatolia: Kop Mountain Historical National Park, Mount Agri National Park, Munzur Valley National Park, Nenehatun Historical National Park, Sarikamis Allahuekber Mountains National Park.

Southeastern Anatolia: Mount Nemrut National Park, Tektek Mountains National Park.

National Parks in Turkey

Yedigoller National Park, Mengen, Bolu