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Natural Attractions in Artvin

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Artvin's Natural Wonders

Artvin has a great importance in terms of nature tourism thanks to its wide range of natural values such as snowy peaks of mountains, interesting style of wood architecture, green plateaus, pristine and natural forests, crater lakes at the peaks of the high mountains, roaring waterfalls, Coruh Valley and canyons.

Maral Waterfall, Artvin

Borcka Maral Waterfall

National Park

Borcka Maral Waterfall

Maral Waterfall is located in Borcka town of Artvin province in the Black Sea Region of Turkey. The waterfall is just like one of the parts of heaven on earth. Maral Waterfall is one of the most remarkable natural wonders of the Black Sea.

Borcka Maral Waterfall
Coruh Valley, Artvin

Coruh Valley

Canyon Valley

Artvin's Coruh Valley

Coruh Valley is an undiscovered treasure trove full of surprises for lovers of art, sports and nature. The valley enchants nature lovers with its rare and endemic plant species and being on the main migratory route of raptors is a paradise for bird watchers.

Coruh Valley