Natural Beauties of Aydin

Discover Aydin and beautiful natural wonders

Aydin's Natural Wonders to See

Aydin is one of the most important tourism spots of our country for nature lovers with its beautiful national parks, canyons, amazing wildlife, nature parks, azure pristine coves, crystal clear sea, lakes, plant and bird species.

Nature in Aydin

Located in the western part of Turkey, Aydin is an excellent place for people who want to enjoy the nature because of its great climate and geography. The city has many unique natural wonders because of its geographical location, vegetation and climate. These are usually plateaus, conservation areas, waterfalls, lakes and rivers, mountains, beaches and coves. The countryside of the city is also rich with olives, figs and citrus trees.

Do not leave without;

  • Seeing the impressive beaches and coves around Dilek Peninsula.
  • Taking a boat trip in Arapapisti Canyon.
  • Exploring the wild beauty of Dilek National Park.
  • Following the Carian Trail on Turkey's ultimate hike.
  • Joining the exciting and informative bird watching tours.
  • Fishing at the slightly salty Lake Bafa.
  • Discovering the unique beauties of watery canyons.
  • Trekking across the mountains and local villages.
  • Camping on the plateaus to feel pure nature.
  • Understanding the 10 wonderful reasons to visit Dilek National Park.

Attractions for Nature Lovers

Dilek Peninsula National Park: Dilek Peninsula National Park is among the most important natural heritages of Turkey. The peninsula was declared as national park in 1966. The national park covering 10.985 hectares area at Dilek Peninsula is located on the south of Kusadasi town. This national park can be discovered with a tour guide.

Delta of Great Menderes: Great Menderes Delta covering 16.613 hectares area, is situated on the south of Kusadasi. The delta is one of the most abundant wetland areas in Turkey and most important habitats in the Aegean region for migratory birds. It was declared as national park in 1994.

Sirtlanini Cave: Sirtlanini Cave is 1600 m above sea level. The measured length of the cave is 450 m and its deepest part compared to its entrance is 40 m.

Plateaus: The most popular plateaus are Kahvedere Plateau in Karacasu, Bulgur Plateau in Bozdogan, Saricaova and Omur Plateaus in Kuyucak, Madran Plateau in Cine, and Pasa Plateau which is 22 km from Aydin.

Nature Parks: The nature parks of Lake Bafa, Tavsanburnu, Caglayan and Sarlan are definitely worth visiting for you and your family.

Canyons: Arapapisti Canyon is a popular tourist spot attracts attention with its thousands of years old cave, rock tombs, historical castle and amazing natural beauty. Karabaglar Canyon (Gorle) is a watery canyon with nearly 3 km in length. The canyon is waiting to be discovered by adventure lovers with its unique beauty.

Aydin's Natural Wonders to Discover
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