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Natural Beauties of Balikesir

Discover Balikesir, home of natural attractions


Balikesir's Natural Wonders to Discover

With its lovely nature, clean air, national parks, fresh forests, green canyons, small but beautiful waterfalls, mountains, unique flora and fauna, Balikesir offers peaceful atmosphere for foreign and local visitors.

Nature in Balikesir

Balikesir, which is a good destination for those who want to see natural beauties, has one of the most impressive geographies of the Marmara region. Besides its attractive natural wonders, Balikesir has many places of natural beauty such as nature parks and picnic areas, which are suitable for people to rest and enjoy. If you set out to go to Balikesir, do not return without a nature tour.

Do not leave without;

  • Visiting the nature parks near Balikesir
  • Watching the tens of bird species at Manyas Lake in spring and autumn
  • Exploring the wild beauty of Kazdagi National Park
  • Trekking across the mountains and local villages of Kapidag
  • Riding a bicycle along the coasts of Balikesir
  • fishing culture Fishing at the slightly salty Lake Bafa
  • Discovering the unique beauties of small waterfalls
  • Canyoning in the world's greenest canyon (Sahinderesi Canyon)
  • Don't miss the Kapidag Peninsula, Sahinderesi Canyon, Kazdagi (Mount Ida) and Manyas Bird Paradise

Attractions for Nature Lovers

Kazdagi National Park: The beautiful Kazdagi (Mount Ida) National Park is attractive with its magnificent landscapes, restful green areas and several hot springs. In this national park, you can feel the beauties of nature and the mythological stories together.

Manyas Bird Paradise National Park: Manyas Bird Paradise is an ideal place for birds to stopover, rest and continue on their way after feeding. The national park is located in the mild climate of the Marmara region, right on top of the international migration routes of the birds.

Sahinderesi Canyon: Green Sahinderesi Canyon is known as the world's green canyon, ranked second in the world in terms of density of oxygen. The canyon, situated in the Kazdagi National Park in the town of Altinoluk.

Kapidag Peninsula: Kapidag, located within the borders of Balikesir province of Turkey, is a peninsula in shape of triangle having average 300 square kilometres space in middle of south coast of Marmara Sea. It is famous for its nature, olive oil and chestnut.

Waterfalls: Kirazli Waterfall, Sutuven Waterfall (Hasanboguldu) and Gurlek Waterfall are among the places of natural beauty to see in Balikesir.

Nature Parks: Ayvalik Islands Nature Park, Daridere Nature Park, Degirmenbogazi Nature Park, Sarimsakli Nature Park.

Natural Attractions to Discover in Balikesir

Sutuven Waterfall, Edremit, Balikesir